OurDental Clinic


About us

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in all types of dental treatments and we cover all specialties of Dentistry, such as:

General Dentistry, Implantology, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Endodontics, Dental Aesthetics, Oral Surgery, Prosthesis and Periodontics.

Located in the heart of  Villaviciosa de Odón we have 2 dental offices fully equipped with the necessary instruments and equipment to offer top quality treatments, in a clean and pleasant environment.


Equipamiento y tecnología en Clínica Dental Odontofam

Odontofam Dental Clinic was born with the purpose of offering an ethical and personalised service, being our priority to guarantee painless and lasting solutions to our patients.

We also believe that it is of great importance to be involved in dental prevention, which is why we participate in several school hygiene campaigns and prevention of oral cavity diseases.



What makes us different?

· Our way of seeing Dentistry is based on honesty and ethics, our goal is to offer a lasting and painless solution to your problem, whatever it may be, because after all that is the reason for the patient’s visit to our center.​

· Our prices in relation to the quality of the treatments we offer are very competitive. In no event do we pressure our patients to make advance payments. We try to offer each patient the treatment that we believe is best for them, taking into account many factors.

· Although we work with a multitude of insurance companies, we perform the treatments the same without taking into account what the patient pays, this means that many patients benefit from very economical treatments using high-quality materials and laboratories

· We are located in a central area of ​​Villaviciosa de Odón, which makes access very comfortable both on foot from any area of ​​Villaviciosa, as well as from the main bus stops. Likewise, it is very easy to find free parking in the streets surrounding the clinic.

·  We photographically document our cases, so if you need to see similar treatments to yours to convince you of a certain procedure, we can show you similar cases that can help you make a decision.

·  We use quality materials and laboratories, we believe that there is a great difference between one and the other.