Smile Digital Design

Thanks to computer-aided planning (digital smile design) we can make a detailed study and diagnosis of each patient. This allows us to obtain 100% predictable results and show patients what the treatment we want to carry out will be like before even starting.

Once the study is completed we can show you a digital computer simulation of the project that we have prepared for you, what we call “digital mock up”.

And most importantly, in a short appointment we can provisionally transfer the design we have made onto a previously taken mold and superimpose it on your teeth to see how our design looks in your mouth.

We call this procedure “direct mock up”.


What is a digital smile design?

If you are determined to change the appearance of your teeth but do not know exactly what treatment you need to achieve the smile you want, digital smile design can help you make the final decision.

Through a protocol of both extraoral and intraoral photos, the dentist will make a detailed study of the appearance of your teeth, gums, lips, relationship of the teeth and maxilla and jaw on the rest of your facial structures.

Thanks to this study we can make a more detailed diagnosis about the appearance of your smile at the initial moment and develop a treatment plan to reach the expected result.

Is it an annoying process? Does it require anesthesia?

The great advantage of this workflow is that the patient can visualise the result of the treatment without having even started to be treated yet, since the entire protocol does not include any invasive process, it does not require anesthesia and the maximum that the patient is exposed to is to take some impressions (molds) of their mouth.

Once the study and diagnosis is completed, the patient will obtain a personalised and detailed treatment plan with the price, phases of the process and duration.