Orthodontics is the branch of Dentistry that corrects malocclusion. This occurs when our teeth are not aligned and the way we bite is not correct. The specialty of Orthodontics is responsible for correcting this problem.



At Odontofam Dental Clinic , we can guarantee the planning and execution of each case in a personalised way to offer our patients satisfactory results.

What problems do we correct?


Closing spaces between our teeth


Aligning our teeth


Improving our ability to chew and speak


Ensuring the good condition of our teeth and gums


Preventing excess masticatory force when chewing


Types of Appliances


They are the most frequently used due to their precision.

A person can lead a normal life while wearing them and eat normally, although it is recommended to have meticulous hygiene during the process.

Braces are the most commonly used. These adhere to the surface of the tooth and together with special archwires and ligatures allow force to be applied to the teeth in order to carry out the desired movements and place the teeth in the ideal position.

Patients who use braces will have to go to periodic check-ups to make the pertinent adjustments from time to time until the treatment is completed.

Today we have both metallic and transparent brackets that are more aesthetic and practically invisible.

Ortodoncia Clínica Dental Odontofam


It is usually used in children during development, and helps to correct problems derived from habits such as thumb sucking, pencils etc …


If a child loses a temporary tooth prematurely, they are very helpful in preventing movement of the adjacent teeth in the edentulous space and thus facilitating the eruption of the permanent tooth in position.



They are the alternative to fixed space maintainers.



This is today the most used alternative for adults. They are practically invisible and  by being removable the patient can eat, drink and brush their teeth normally. The aligners are changed from time to time and,  by being flexible, they apply pressure to the teeth and place them in the desired position.



They are used at the end of an orthodontic treatment, and prevent the teeth from returning to their original position. There are two types:

Fixed: It is usually a metal wire and is cemented on the inside of the teeth.

Removable: They are made of plastic and are normally placed during sleeping hours.


Dra. Tamara Toledano Espinosa

Specialist in

Orthodontics and Orthopedics Ortopedia


5  Razones por las que comenzar un tratamiento de ortodoncia con la doctora Tamara Toledano

  • Cercanía y don de gentes con sus pacientes.
  • Experiencia con pacientes adultos y los más pequeños.
  • Altamente cualificada en ortopedia, ortodoncia fija y Ortodoncia Invisible.
  • Minuciosa y detallista en sus tratamientos.
  • Seguimiento y revisión de sus pacientes durante y después del tratamiento.
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