The definitive solution, chewing and smiling is possible again
Our patient came to us to solve a problem of lack of upper teeth that prevented her from having proper chewing and aesthetics.

Previously, she had been a wearer of removable prostheses, they broke easily and she always had to be aware of them, in addition to not being able to chew naturally.

After a detailed planning of the case with photos, videos, radiographic tests, diagnostic wax-up and all the necessary complementary tests and a dialogue with the patient, we reached the conclusion that the most appropriate treatment would be to do a rehabilitation with 6 upper implants in order to place one screw-retained fixed prosthesis.

In turn, we also decided to rehabilitate the lower teeth that suffered severe wear with highly aesthetic ceramic veneers.

At the end of the treatment, we managed to meet our goal and, most importantly, meet the expectations of our patient, allowing her to enjoy each meal and smile naturally again.